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Are we sacrificing our children's emotional health for exam success?

Added on: 18th April, 2018 by sheron_43742

Are we sacrificing our children's emotional health for exam success?

Last Updated:
Wed, 18 April 2018

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Its that time of the year again....
As young people across the country start to go on study leave in what is the last great push before exam season starts, we have to examine the price that is being paid.

Exam success typically equates to success in employment, gaining university or college places, meeting parents expectations, and for schools, it has a great impact on league table results. There is a real pressure for children and young people to meet targets.

However is there an over-focus on exams?
What impact is this focus having on the mental health of children and young people?
Are schools becoming nothing more than exam factories?

There is growing concern about our children and young peoples mental health as children's mental health charity Young Minds, in a recent study records that 1 in 3 children are experiencing mental health difficulties. We are seeing more and more children and young people reporting feeling stressed, anxious, depressed. In this season we see a spike in the numbers of young people self-harming.

The Rapha Project is a non-profit organisation that provides counselling support that is affordable and accessible. If you are a parent/carer of a young person and want to discuss obtaining counselling for your young person, please get in touch and speak to one of our qualified and experienced BACP registered counsellors. - 0203 302 2024

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